• The team here at Next Event are passionate about bringing your event design needs to life. We love styling and decorating any type of event and putting our creative flare on it.

    Next Event originated in 2018 and is one of the OG event stylists on the Gold Coast. We are a team of 7 that work together to plan, style and execute your special day.

    Sophie and Danyelle are the creatives behind your events and will often be there on site pulling together their ideas from paper to reality.

    Elena, Maddy and Nikita are our experienced event stylists that are there to help prep and organise the warehouse and pull together your events on the day. We then have our superstar juniors, Sarah is our balloon prep queen and Jack is the only male in the team bringing the muscles to help carry our heavy items in and out of jobs but also gets down with the pretty and delicate elements too!

    Everyone is an integral part of the team and the cogs that make the event styling process so easy and smooth when you book an event with us!

Here's what we can do for you...

  • Hire Store

    Check out our hire shop filled with items to hire for your event, be it single pieces or a range of pieces from our inventory.

  • Styling Services

    Our services include concept creation/ story boarding, planning, styling, prop hire and coordination, with an extensive range of packages available to suit all sizes and budgets.

    Styling Services 

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